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Our Brand

JobStock® portal is fully owned by MESIS Sdn Bhd and become the largest job portal in East Malaysia especially Sarawak since 2010. It is a media platform in providing advertising services to the corporate globally.

JobStock® Portal

The success of JobStock® Portal become well accepted job portal for both corporate advertisers and public (especially Sarawak) in searching for job and employees can be proven by steadily growth in numbers of corporate customers, visitors and advertised job advertisement since 2010. In fact, there are 5,205 corporate customers, 18,720,023 visitors (accumulate from 2010 to 2021), 39,133 job advertisement (accumulate from 2010 to 2021) and 66,984 advertised job positions (accumulate from 2010 to 2021). Generally, the population of JobStock® Portal can be divided into two major groups, namely corporate customers and public. The statistic of the respective population as shown in table below:

No Item Numbers
1 Corporate Customers 5,205
2 Numbers of average daily visitors Calculation Method: Total visitors in 1 week / 7 6,887
3 Numbers of JobStock®® Apps User  
Android More than 10,000
iOS More than 5,000
4 Numbers of fans in JobStock®® FB Page 88,492
5 Numbers of members in JobStock®® FB Group 35,000
6 Numbers of daily job summary email subscriber 1,381
*Updated till 12 November 2021

Currently, there are 5,205 corporate customers advertised under JobStock® Portal and averagely 6,887 unique visitors visit to the portal daily. Apart of that, there are more than 15,000 user subscribed JobStock® Apps (both Android & iOS). Apart of own portal, jobseekers will be alerted by new job vacancies via social media under JobStock® , such as FB page (88,492 fans) and FB group (35,000 subscribers)

In order to improve JobStock® brand awareness and its value, JobStock® was registered under Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia for trademarks. The trademark certification as shown in below

Trademark Certification of JobStock® Brand
Our Brand
JobStock® portal is the largest job portal in East Malaysia especially Sarawak since 2010.
More than 5,205 corporate customers across Sarawak, Malaysia, ASEAN, ASIA and Global since 2010
More than 18,720,023 visitors, 39,133 job advertisement and 66,984 advertised job positions since 2010
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